Our Story

Since 1998, Bernardes Armazéns Gerais has been operating in Machado and the surrounding regions in the fields of marketing, processing and storage of coffee.

Founded by Daniel Bernardes, the company prides itself on the tradition and dedication it carries in its history. Daniel was a born trader who, before coffee, worked with buying and selling fruit. In the early days, he acquired a van to make sales and from there the business grew steadily over time. Due to the culture of Southern Minas Gerais, working with coffee was a natural next step.

Daniel’s professionalism and dedication meant that many producers came to him to market and stock their coffees, and with the expansion of the business it was time to start thinking about acquiring his own warehouse. Construction began in 1997. With six children, Daniel saw his business take its first steps alongside one of his daughters, and so began the story of trust and tradition.

In 1999, the leadership of the company was transferred to three of Daniel’s daughters: Silvia, Cassiana and Fernanda. The young women had a difficult task: winning over the market and the confidence of the producers even though they were so young. This sense of responsibility was essential for Bernardes Armazéns Gerais to continue with its good reputation, the legacy left by their entrepreneurial father.

Known as the “coffee girls”, the sisters learned more and more each day. They grew through hard work and dedication and soon identified the need for another coffee warehouse. All business has always been conducted honestly and responsibly, aiming for the highest possible standards for the producer.

Today, with all its available infrastructure, Bernardes Armazéns Gerais has three storage units in Machado and works with storage in sacks, bags and in bulk, the commercialization of coffee in the physical and future markets, the sale of fertilizers and limestone as well as operating its own coffee processing machine.

Coffee Processing

Wheel-spun coffee processing machine. On-site processing for the producer, with receipt in bags, sacks and in bulk.

Classification and Testing

The coffee is registered batch by batch and later sent for classification and testing. After the report is issued, the coffee is ready to be marketed according to its characteristics.


Our service is personalized to the producer’s preferences. All trading is done in person or over the phone, and it is up to the producer to choose the most advantageous means of trading.


Discover our high quality coffees produced in the mountains of Southern Minas Gerais at Sítio Monjolinho.
20 years working alongside producers to offer the best services. Our family works to help yours.

A team of professionals prepared to provide the best service to the producer, with respect and transparency, always seeking the best conditions to store your coffee..

All processes are reviewed and precisely followed. From the removal of coffee on the farm to its sale, everything is done with a view to product care and producer satisfaction.

Responsibility for quality assurance is how we work! All warehouses are certified by Conab (National
Company of Suppliers) and follow strict standards to offer the best services to the producer.

Family business focused on coffee producers. Good relationships with producers are the key to our success..
Enjoy benefits and advantages by buying fertilizers and limestone under consultation to improve the services offered. We are partnered with the producers and suppliers of fertilizer.